Health Care

Hungary has a tax-financed universal health care system, organized by the state-owned national health care fund. (Hungarian: Országos Egészségbiztosítási Pénztár (OEP)). Health insurance is absolutely free of charge for minors, parents of the infant and young children, students, retirees, poor people and disabled persons (including physical and mental illness). The health situation in Hungary can be described as a fast-growing life expectancy and infant mortality rate is very low (4.9 per 1000 live births in 2011), in 2009, Hungary has spent 7.4% of GDP on health care (This is 7% of that in 2000), which is lower than the average of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. In 2009, total health expenditure per capita is $ 1,511, $ 1,053 from government funds (69.7%) and $ 458 from private funds (30.3%).

Applicant can enter the protection of national health insurance one year after obtained the Hungary Address card by paying EUR25 per person per month. Insurance cover all illness such as fever, hospitalized cancer chemotherapy, replace of organs. Drugs has to be paid by yourself, but can enjoy the state discounted drug prices.

In addition, there are various types of commercial insurance in Hungary for choosing. You can buy from international insurance companies to cover private health insurance in Hungary, annual fee ranging from EUR 500-1,000. In Hungary, the medical and drugs is a separate, all people get the prescription in the hospital, and then buy drugs from pharmacy. After the purchase of commercial insurance, it is free of charge to go to the hospital (for treatment, hospitalization and drug injection during hospitalization). It is cheaper to buy prescription drugs in the pharmacy. Buying non-prescription drugs in hospital need to pay the normal price. But the drugs is much cheaper than in China.