Permanent Residency Permit

1. Q: What is the EUR 300,000 and EUR 45,000 Fee for? Which account are they being transferred to?
A: EUR 300,000 is the subscription money for Hungary State Special Debt Fund. It is transferred directly to the account of Hungary State Special Debt Fund. The Hungary State Special Debt Fund purchases the Hungary State Special Debt Bond on behalf of the applicant. EUR 45,000 with EUR 2,000 discount for application in Q1 2015 or EUR 1,000 discount for application in Q2 2015 is the management fee and legal fee (legal fee is EUR 5,000) which should be transferred directly to the bank account of Hungary State Special Debt Management.

2. Q: Does EUR 300,000 needs to be remitted directly from the main applicant’s bank account? Can the fund be remitted from the spouse or children’s account?
A: The subscription agreement requires the signature of the main applicant, therefore, the fund must be remitted from the main applicant’s bank account and not from his/her spouse or children.

3. Q: Can the investor entrust his/her own Hungarian lawyer and not through the Fund’s designated lawyer?
A: No, the application must go through the Fund’s designated lawyer and the investor must entrust the designated lawyer by the Fund.

4. Q: As applicants who resides in China can submit application in Beijing and Shanghai, can the Chinese applicant apply directly to Immigration authority in Hungary? Can applicants residing in other countries submit application to the Hungarian embassy in the country of their residence?
A: All Chinese nationals who wishes to participate in the program should submit the application in the Hungarian Embassy in Beijing and Shanghai.

5. Q: Can the spouse and children apply together with the main applicant? Will they be granted the permanent residence permit together? Is there any requirement for the children?
A: The application is filed by the main applicant, together with his/her spouse and dependent children with a proof for relationship (ie. Certificate of marriage, or birth certificate). The permanent residence permit will be granted altogether for those applied together in the application.

6. Q: How can we apply residency permit for children without a passport?
A: Children without a passport cannot apply for the residency permit.

7. Q: What is application fee? Does spouse and children needs to pay too?
A: Application fee is RMB 465 per person and needs to be paid by all people included in the application.

8. Q: Where should be body check be done? Is there a designated hospital?
A: No body check requirement.

9. Q: How long should the period before expiration be upon application?
A: Permeant residency permit only require a valid passport. Applicants can obtain a 5-year permanent residency permit upon grant.

10. Q: What is the requirement for spouse when apply for the permanent residency permit?
A: The spousal relationship must be legal.

11. Q: Does the applicant need a Hungarian address?
A: No. PR application requirement of address proof is eliminated since 1st July 2016.

12. Q: What other requirements are there for permanent residency permit? Body check requirement?
A: No body check requirement.

13. Q: What is the application fee?
A: EUR 60 per person.

14. Q: Why does the applicant needs to apply in person for the permanent residency permit?
A: Because the applicant must sign the application form, declaration of entrust at the immigration. Immigration also needs to take the finger print of the applicant and take photo for the permit.

15. Q: If the children are very young, can the parents apply and submit the permanent residency permit on behalf of the children and waive the landing requirement?
A: If the main applicant choose to apply for permanent residency in Hungary, then his/her qualified dependents must do the same and the application must be file as a whole in one go at the same location. If the main applicant choose to file permanent residency in Beijing, then children under 6 years old does not need to attend.

16: Q: Any restriction on the maximum time spent outside of Hungary?
A: No residency obligation.

17. Q: Does the permanent residency permit allow you to work, operate business and attend school? What is the specific benefit?
A: Once the applicant has been granted the permanent residency permit, he/she is free to work, operate business and attend school in Hungary and enjoy the same benefit as the Hungarian citizen. However, applicant needs to purchase medical insurance and enjoys the same treatment as the local Hungarian citizens.

18. Q: How to apply after the 5-year permanent residency permit expires? Can this only be done in Hungary?
A: Permanent residency permit renew and extension must be filed by applicant in person at the Immigration authority in Budapest or Authority in the Budapest area. Currently this can only be done in Hungary and must be filed 30 days prior to the expiration of the permit.

19. Q: What are the requirement for application and fee?
A: Fill in the application form and have photo taken at the immigration. The cost is 10,000 forint (equivalent of EUR 35) and will be paid as a levy when submitting the application. For detail information, please check the official webpage of Immigration Hungary: