Basic Project Questions

1. Q: Basic requirement for applicant?
A: The main applicant must be over the age of 18. Healthy Chinese citizen without criminal records. The applicant needs to purchase the share of Hungary State Special Debt Fund which in turn purchases the EUR 300,000 Hungary State Special Debt Bonds with lock-up period of 5 years. No interest will be paid during or after the lock-up period. No language, age, or working experience requirement.

2. Q: Who is included in a single application?
A: The application is based on family, including 1 main applicant over 18 years old, his/her spouse,children under age 18, his/her dependent parents and his/her dependent children over 18 years old.

3. Q: Are there requirement for source of fund? Such as physical evidence like tax returns or audit reports that needs to be provided?
A: The applicant does not need to provide complicated physical evidence regarding the source of fund or any other tax return or auditor reports.

4. Q: Is the government bond interest bearing?
A: No, the government bond is not interest bearing, and the subscription proceed will be fully return (without interest).

5. Q: Will the redemption after 5-year lock-up period affect the permanent resident status?
A: No, it does not affect permanent resident status.

6. Q: Is there requirement for real estate purchase, setting up company or bank saving requirement?
A: No, the Hungarian government does not force applicant to purchase real estate or set up companies.

7. Q: How will refund be handle if the application is rejected?
A: Please refer to Refund Policy

8: Q: Is there any residency obligation or landing requirement?
A: After being granted the permanent residency, there is no residency obligation and no landing requirement. Applicant can decided whether or not they would like to land.

9. Q: If children were not included in parents' permanent residency application, is it possible to include the children after parents having been granted permanent residency?
A: Children’s permanent residency application should be handled according to the current Immigration Law in Hungary.

10. Q: Can parents apply directly for children’s permanent residency if the child is born after parent’s permanent residency grant date?
A: If the child is born in Hungary, then parents can file directly with the local immigration authority regarding the child’s permanent residency application. However, if the child is born in China, then the parents must first apply for a Hungary landing visa for the child and file his permanent residency application after landing with the local immigration authority.