Population and Culture

     As of January 2014, Hungary has a total population of 987.9 million. Population density is 106.2 persons/ sqkm. There is 1.68 million population in the capital.

     Magyar tribe (Hungarian) accounted for 90% of the population, and speaks Hungarian. Hungarian language ranks amongst the top 40 frequently used language in the World, and ranks 12 in Europe. Hungarian language belongs to the largest branch of the Ural language – Uralic. It has been around for nearly three thousand years. In addition, English and German is also widely used in Hungary.

     Most of the Hungarians has religious belief (74.6%), mostly Roman Catholic (54.5%), few people believe in Jesus Protestant Calvinism (15.9%) and Lutheran (3.1%).


Public Holidays in Hungary:

January 1, New Year’s Day;
March 15, National Day
The first Sunday after full moon after Spring Equinox, Easter Monday
May 1, Labour Day
August 20, Saint Stephen’s Day
October 23, National Day
November 1, All Saints Day
December 25, Christmas

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