Tourism and Transport

    Hungary is located in central Europe, the ancestors of the Hungarians migration from the east and settled in Hungary in 1200 years ago. During this 1,000 years, Hungary has experienced many cultural changes, already formed a perfect combination of history and modern landscape. Budapest, as a former “imperial capital”, is a famous ancient city in Europe, has many well-preserved ancient buildings, and also cultural and artistic capital. Hungary is a landlocked countries with flatland, Danube River, Europe’s second large river, across the whole territory of Hungary, and separate Hungary into two half. Danube River not only fertile Hungarian flatland, also bring 40 million visitors to visit this beautiful scenery in Hungary annually.

    Hungary’s public transport system has a world-class level, being one of the best transport systems in Europe. Hungarian railway is the main transport links within the district, which is very convenient. Long-distance trains has three grades, first-class private compartment for two people; second-class private compartment with soft bed, third-class compartment with hard seat. Short-distance trains do not have bed, only soft and hard seat. In addition, the train departure from Hungary pass through most of the European countries, is the hub of international passenger and cargo transport. Car rental tour is popular to foreigners, Hungary and China has similar transportation habits, drive on the right side, driver can use the Chinese valid driver’s license (with English certified true copy) can rent a car.

(Hungarian Tourist Map)


    Although the land area in Hungary is small, but it has beautiful mountains and rivers, magnificent architecture, spas and the four seasons is clearly. Famous spots including the capital Budapest, Balaton, the Danube Bay.


    The historic Budapest, with Danube River pass through the city, has many historical sites, and known as the “Pearl of the Danube”. Famous buildings include: the Palace of Buda, Assembly Building, Lanc Hid on the Danube River, Halaszbastya, Szent Istvan Cathedral.



    Balaton is the largest lake in Central and Eastern Europe and also known for the summer tourist resort. It attracts tourists not only because of the magnificent lake with shoreline length of 74 km, it also has a wide variety of recreational activities, such as sailing, hot springs, visit vineyards, taste the wine, eat lake fish and so on.

Danube Bay

    Danube Bay is beautiful, with many town such as Szentrendre, Visegrad and Esztergom near the bay.

(Town near the Danube Bay)

Spa Journey

    The geothermal water resources covers two-thirds of land in Hungary, therefore Hungary have more than 1,300 hot springs, hot springs tourism is one of the great experience that should not to be missed in Hungary.

(Szechenyi spa in Budapest)

Food and Wine

    Hungary is famous for the wine, with high quality and low cost advantages and exported around the world. There are seven wine regions, including the most famous Tokaji, Eger (“Bull’s Blood”) and so on. There is a wine named as “the wine of kings, king of wines” by King Louis XIV of France, which is the “Tokaji aszu”. Hungarian food includes goulash soup, foie gras, salami, red pepper powder.

(Tokaji aszu)