Geography and Climate

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe bordered by Slovakia to the north, Austria and Slovenia to the west, Croatia and Serbia to the south, and Romania and Ukraine to the east and north-east. It is located in the Danube alluvial plain, the whole territory is mainly in the plains. 80 percent of lands is located less than 200 meters above sea level.
The Capital of Hungary – Budapest, is in the East time zone. Local time is 7 hours behind Beijing. Summer Day-time saving period is from March to October, local time is 6 hours behind Beijing.


Hungary is located in the northern temperate zone (latitude 45°48’- 48° 35’ Longtitude 16°5’- 22°58’),is the meeting point of continental climate, temperate climate and Mediterranean climate. Among which it is affect mostly by the continental climate, and classified as temperate continental climate. Hungarian climate change is immense, there is large temperature difference between the different regions. The annual average temperature is 10.8 ℃. In the summer, in July and August, the average temperature of 21.7 ℃. Winter is not cold, in January and February the average temperature is around -1.2 ℃. Average annual precipitation is about 590 mm.


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