About the Project

Hungary State Special Debt Immigration project was launched in April 2013. The quotas for accepting application families are 1000 for 2013, 2000 for year 2014, 1700 for year 2015 and 1500 for year 2016. The minimum investment amount of each application is 300,000 EUR, starting from 2015.

Application requirement:
• The main applicant must be over 18 years old
• No criminal record
• Purchase of EUR 300,000 of Hungary State Special Debt Bond

Application unit:
Application is filed at family unit, and each application will include a main application who is over 18 years old, the spouse, children under 18 years old, depending parents of main applicant and depending children over 18 years old.

Options of investment:
Full-amount investment:EUR 300,000, which will be 100% redeemable after the 5-years lock-up period , without interest;
Financing through authorized bank:EUR 135,000 paid by the applicant, no redemption to the applicant;
Financing through authorized institute: EUR 150,000 paid by the applicant, no redemption to the applicant

• Low investment amount:Use EUR300,000 to buy government bond and the whole family can get the permanent residency
• Low risk:Can get back the interest free government bond after 5 years
• Fast approval:shortest 30 days acceptance peroid
• Short period:obtain permanent residency without residency permit
• Low requirement:no assets, no interviews, no language, no business background requirements
• No residential requirement: Can freely chose the residential location and will not affect the life and living in China
• Can go Europe:Permanent resident card holders can go 26 Schengen freely
• Good education quality:have many Nobel Prize winners
• China-Hungary Relationship:China and Hungary have been keeping good relationship since 1949, the establishment of diplomatic relations